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"We bring the historical fireplace into the modern home. For us a woodburning stove is a piece of furniture on par with a sofa or dining table," explains Henrik Sørig Thomsen, who has been designing HWAM stoves with Tobias Jacobsen since 2001.

HWAM fire place

A black cylindrical shape with a glass window

Over time the wood-burning stove has developed an almost iconic appearance which is consistent across nations and cultures.

For the Sørig and Jacobsen Danish design duo, stove design is primarily about finding a balance between the familiar iconic appearance and surprising details. The details which make HWAM’s stoves unique – both visually and functionally.

World-class combustion with a Scandinavian design

While HWAM’s engineers develop the technology to ensure world-class combustion, Sørig and Jacobsen make sure that the visual details complement the functionality and simple operation.

When children draw black smoke coming out of the chimney of a house it is quite a misconception. Wood combustion is actually very eco-friendly in terms of carbon emissions if done properly. With HWAM’s technologies, we may as well begin teaching our children to draw transparent smoke, because it will never be easier to ensure correct combustion than it is with HWAM® Autopilot™. It is important that our design reflects this transparent smoke. We have to show the simplicity and purity, while also producing a stove which looks attractive and is pleasant to touch,” explains Henrik Sørig Thomsen.

HWAM fire place
HWAM fire place

Working closely with production

"The flame presentation is critical for us. The flame is like a small painting which has to calmly create the perfect experience of atmosphere and warmth. The way the flames are framed has to highlight the painting in a very warm and discreet way," says Tobias Jacobsen.

An attractively presented flame does not happen automatically. It is dependent on internal and external details, and ingenious functions such as HWAM’s glass air wash to ensure the clearest picture.

Sørig and Jacobsen therefore work closely with HWAM’s production, and the two designers agree that it is essential for production to be based in Denmark in order to develop the best wood-burning stoves.



The entire process is ongoing so that the supply of air for each stage of combustion is adjusted precisely to ensure the eco-friendliest, fuel conserving combustion possible.

HWAM wood